Click on the buttons for the settings and albums. The recipes are created for the X-Trans IV (&V) sensor, some for X-Trans III (& IV-V). Don’t share the recipes and settings on commercial websites and platforms. The recipes Pluto Pro and Fuji Supra are not available.

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Urban Vibe

X-Trans IV (&V)  URBAN VIBE, AKA THE SAUL LEITER RECIPE This recipe was developed for street photography. It shapes colours and shadows and reveals a rich range of gray midtones. Ideal for use with vintage lenses for that analog film look.

Acros Dark

X-Trans IV (&V)  For me the standard for black and white photography that best suits my style. Shape, light and backlight, but also gray values are displayed in a pleasant way.

Pluto Pro

X-Trans IV (&V)  A versatile every-day-recipe. It's fantastic in sunny weather, but works well in all weather conditions and reproduce pleasant skin tones.


X-Trans IV (&V &III)  A nostalgic looking recipe with warm dark tones for everyday use. Works great with vintage lenses for an even more analog film look.

Fujica Half

X-Trans IV (&V)  The recipe with the best analog film look you can find on the internet. Coarse grain, soft tones and a subtle contrast do justice to colourful, strong shapes when the light is good. It is the perfect holiday-summer recipe.

New Urban

X-Trans III (& IV-V)  Provia based recipe. High contrast and bold, rich colours with an interesting white balance shift.

Fuji Supra

X-Trans IV (&V)  Another recipe suited for urban settings and open spaces. The recipe has a dark character, good for night photography and other strong contrasts. Works well with winter light.

Lime Analog

X-Trans III (& IV-V)  Excellent for lime-like colours in morning and evening and cool neutral tones during daytime.

Pale Shade

X-Trans IV Excellent high key black & white wit a vintage vibe.

Dutch Velvia



A Classic Negative based recipe with superb results for landscape and nature photography.

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